This car dealership needs a lesson in good will…

Greetings Connecticut Post readers of my column. Here’s my latest one on a guy, a  golfer from Fairfield, who accomplished a rare feat, scoring a Hole in One at a charity tournament.  The odds of an amateur golf making an ace on a designated hole are close to 12,000 to one.  But the odds of this guy ever getting the prize he’s won from the sponsor, Girard Ford, are nil. Shame on this dealership. And wait until you see why!  Kudos to the charity, the American Liver Foundation, for responding to my calls, advocating it step up to the plate and do what the car dealer and the company that issued it insurance to cover the prize if someone like Don DiMartino won.  Good going American Liver Foundation.

Here’s the link to my column

Read it and let me know what you think. Have you ever won a contest or tournament only to have a sponsor refuse to give you the prize you ought to have received? What did you do about it?

MariAn Gail Brown