Are dealth penalty executioners the same as terrorists?

Electric Chair / Photo: Courtesy of the Canadian Coalition Against the Death Penalty

I have never taken a position on the death penalty.  I understand why some support it and why others are against it.

But I must say, since I’ve blogged about the Texas man who was executed for killing two Arab men, I’ve been thinking more about my feelings on the death penalty.

The Texas man allegedly shot three Arab men – killing two, impairing a third’s vision – as payback for the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

I think the 9/11 terrorist attacks were horrendous. I think the Texas man’s actions are horrendous. Who gives anyone right to kill anyone else?

I think the terrorists should be punished, and I think the Texas man should have been punished too. It’s wrong to kill other people.

But what should their punishments be?

If it’s wrong to kill other people, then what makes the death penalty okay?

The Texas man thought he was cleaning up the community, as do people who order executions, but the Texas man was punished.

Are the executors committing a crime by killing others?

So many questions…what do you think?

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