Do you celebrate Columbus day?

Today a friend posted on Facebook:

“I’m celebrating Columbus Day by going to someone else’s house and saying, “I live here now.” How are you enjoying the festivities?”

I was taught in school that Columbus Day and Thanksgiving were holidays we shouldn’t celebrate because of their histories.

I don’t observe Columbus Day – I am working today. I do celebrate Thanksgiving – actually I think I celebrate food and family moreso that day.

Here is a video I found. What do you think about it?

10 Responses

  1. Kevin H says:


    That’s the whole point, your comments couldn’t have anything to do with discovering.
    As an fyi.
    I’m a registered republican

  2. Stacy Davis says:

    Kevin H,

    Please refrain from name-calling.

  3. Endo Famerica says:

    Kevin H, not being liberal I won’t get into name calling. But I don’t see where any of my comments have anything to do with diccovering anything? Do you?

  4. Kevin H says:

    To Endummy, I mean Endo, excuse me.
    The key fact remains, how to you discover a place with people there already?

  5. chris123 says:

    I find it amazing how the perpetually indignant can always find something to be indignant about.

    At the very least, you have to acknowledge what Columbus to have done to be a logistical, technological, organizational accomplishment.

    I would say that what he accomplished is similar to Neil Armstrong walking on the moon.

    And the notion that all was peace and harmony in the new world until Columbus came and opened the door to European colonialism is laughable. People are people. And to romantacize the moral purity and nobility of the people who were here is as ignorant as overlooking the abuses of the Europeans that followed Columbus.

  6. Spartans97 says:

    Actually, I am sure many people know this, but Columbus never stepped foot on American soil. America was at war and in constant conflict with the British during their early years, so the government decided to say that Columbus (Spain) discovered America and not John Cabot (England). At the time they preferred to have Columbus as their hero and not Cabot. In addition, Columbus himself thought he discovered Asia, a claim he stood by until his death. Even though there is a lot of backlash against Columbus, he was not the first from the western hemisphere to discover the Caribbean; he was the first to stay. So in fact he did contribute a lot because he helped to discover trade routes and established a permanent presence of Europeans on this side of the pond. I am not a big holiday person, so I do not celebrate, but I do take the time to understand the history behind the day.

  7. Spartans97 says:

    Wow, that guy really like Columbus….

  8. Endo Famerica says:

    Stacy, do you see a difference in being taught all about Columbus, good and bad, and you decide if you want to celebrate the day or not versus being taught you should not celebrate the day? If you can see the difference, the latter is a liberal education.

  9. Endo Famerica says:

    Stacy, I just had another thought. You better take down this Columbus article. He was sent here by and under the control of Spain. That would make Spain responsible for the things Columbus did. His defence would be that he was just following orders. You are going to upset our local Hispanic population.

  10. Endo Famerica says:

    Let’s see Stacy, have you ever read about the atrocities committed by “Native Americans”?
    MLK did a lot of good and had a lot of girl friends on the side while married. There goes MLK day.
    You and I would pick different names but we would agree there were a lot of bad presidents. There goes presidents day. The revolutionary war resulted in numerous deaths, starvation, freezing etc. There goes Fourth of July. Christmas and Easter offends at least some of our Muslim brothers. There goes Christmas and Easter. The labor unions were and are full of mafia members with some under mafia control. There goes Labor Day. Valentines Day Not celebrated by Muslims, Jehovah Witnesses and our Hispanic brothers probably wonder what it is. Black history month? Were there no Black criminals? Do you have any idea how many horses have had to be put down as a result of a broken leg due to a Groundhog den. There goes Groundhog day. Let’s stop all celebrations and make everyone happy.