Newt Gingrich to urge blacks to get off food stamps

Newt Gingrich, 2012 Presidential Candidate / Photo:

“I will go to the NAACP convention and tell the African-American community why they should demand paychecks instead of food stamps,” 2012 Presidential candidate Newt Gingrich said according to

Gingrich allegedly made this comment during a town hall in Plymouth, New Hampshire.

I’m not sure what the context of Gingrich’s statement was, but if it’s true that he made that statement, I hope he plans to go to other communities and preach the same thing.

By no means are African-Americans the only group of people that use food stamps.

“When it comes to total welfare receipts, Whites receive 34 percent of federal food assistance benefits, African-Americans 22 percent, and Hispanics 17 percent, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture,” The Grio article says.

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  2. Filo Beddoe says:

    The NAACP is a racist group why would any politician address them ? Who’s next the KKK. Address groups that are for everyones well being !! We are all the human race and all deserve the same help and opportunities.

  3. Stacy Davis says:

    What party would that be Mea Gain/Dick Chenairy/Ray Cist?

  4. Kevin H says:

    I guess my question is, “Why is it that only blacks only being urged to get off food stamps?
    Is Newt suggesting that it’s okay for non-blacks to continue receiving food stamps?
    The implication in his statement is that it’s only a problem that blacks are receiving food stamps.
    Could it be that Newt only cares about blacks?

  5. RSVP says:

    Stacy, were you invited to the secret lavish party and not tell us, your loyal readers?

  6. Mea Gain says:

    Newt to urge blacks to get off food stamps.

    Stacy, do you know if Obama is urging blacks to get off food stamps, get on food stamps or keep things as they are regarding food stamp dependency? Better question yet, has anyone asked him?

  7. chris123 says:

    Newt Gingrich is a self centered, right-wing, gasbag academic.

    I don’t believe that the solution to this country’s problems is to replace a self centered, left-wing, gasbag academic president with a self centered right-wing gasbag academic president.

  8. Ray Cist says:

    Luv ya Stacy.

  9. Stacy Davis says:

    How would I know how many “donate your coat” programs you informed me of if you keep changing your screen name?

  10. Ray Cist says:

    Stacy, when you first heard of the recent program to give “low income” people from $200 to $1200 for the food lost in their freezers as a result of the storm, did you think Oh, what a great program or I bet many thousands will cheat the system? How many “donate your coat” programs did I send you? Did any of them help the poor guy who died a few doors from Dorothy Day? These programs need to be overhauled if we are to help those truly in need. But, that will not be done as long as those on the receiving end are treated as voting blocks instead of fellow humans in need.

  11. Ray Cist says:

    Stacy,look at your headline and then look at the Gingrich quote. Do you think it’s better for Blacks, or anyone else for that matter, to have good jobs or food stamps? And, you see, (editor style) why would you not try to understand the context prior to taking your position?You are young, keep an open mind, don’t be led astray by the news media and liberal professors.

    BTW, would you know if the News Times was the “local paper” mentioned in the Flanagan complaint letters that paid him to take pictures of the girls?