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Lawsuit filed after black woman buried in Jewish cemetery


A grave marker for Juliet Steer, a black woman buried in the Congregation Ahavath Achim cemetery in Colchester, Conn. Photo: AP Photo/Jessica Hill


A 72-year-old Jewish white woman has filed a lawsuit against a Jewish cemetery in Colchester because it allowed a non-Jewish black woman to be buried there. 

The black woman is buried in the interfaith section of the cemetery. 

The white woman was at the meeting in 2009 when the cemetery added the interfaith section. 

The lawyer, who represents the cemetery and associated congregation, says the white woman is being racist. 

I think it’s silly for this woman to waste her money on a lawsuit concerning where dead people are buried. She could be spending that money on something more productive that will actually help someone who is alive. 

Here is the full story… 

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