Lawsuit filed after black woman buried in Jewish cemetery

A grave marker for Juliet Steer, a black woman buried in the Congregation Ahavath Achim cemetery in Colchester, Conn. Photo: AP Photo/Jessica Hill


A 72-year-old Jewish white woman has filed a lawsuit against a Jewish cemetery in Colchester because it allowed a non-Jewish black woman to be buried there. 

The black woman is buried in the interfaith section of the cemetery. 

The white woman was at the meeting in 2009 when the cemetery added the interfaith section. 

The lawyer, who represents the cemetery and associated congregation, says the white woman is being racist. 

I think it’s silly for this woman to waste her money on a lawsuit concerning where dead people are buried. She could be spending that money on something more productive that will actually help someone who is alive. 

Here is the full story… 

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14 Responses

  1. drpender says:

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  2. drpender says:

    Gan 10:3 will prove the so called jew
    is not sermetic
    Gen 38 will prove the black women is jewish by blood

    all humans have african DNA

    contact me if you pleses at 1-804-691-0410 shalom

  3. Manny Names says:

    What makes you assume she isn’t?
    What makes you assume she isn’t?

  4. Stacy Davis says:

    “Manny Names,”

    Why does the post scream racism to you? Why do you assume to the black woman is poor? How is the news media throwing gas on “the fire” when it was the lawyers who claimed the social worker was racist? I don’t think you read the posts and the articles fully.

    I don’t think you read the posts and articles fully.

  5. Manny Names says:

    Yes Stacy, you did not state she was a racist. But, you see, your post screams racism … white jew versus poor dead black women.
    If racism isn’t the theme here why do 8 of the 9 comments use the word race or racism? Know it or not Stacy, you like the rest of the news media throw gas on the racial fires.

  6. Stacy Davis says:

    Manny Names you are incorrect. I did not state that the woman was a racist. Did you read my post?

  7. Manny Names says:

    No Stacy, it’s you and articles like this that are saying the women is a racist. Maybe she is and maybe she isn’t. But, the mainstream media likes to encourage racism. Can you guess why?

  8. Donnn says:

    Social workers help ALL human beings. They don’t pick and choose. They’re people with compassion. The media messed up here trying to put a racial spin on this one. They probably didn’t do their research and realized her occupation after it was too late.

  9. Stacy Davis says:

    Good point. That was not specified in the article. The lawyers are saying the Jewish woman is racist.

  10. Stacy Davis says:

    Is there no such thing as racist social workers?

  11. Manny Names says:

    Dear Stacy, is it possible that an interfaith section is for the family members when a Jew is married or is a “partner” of a non Jew? I read the article as saying that due to the increase of Jews and non Jews being married they needed to change the burial traditions. Was the black women married to a Jew? Did the white families have a Jew oin the family? Does trying to understand the facts confuse the liberal mind? My read of the full story doesn’t seem to jump to the race card. BTW, did you search on “secret lavish party”?

  12. Donnn says:

    I do think she’s nuts for wanting only dead Jewish people in a cemetery. But only the Media would take a stab at saying a social worker is racist. That’s pretty silly, and an apparent attempt to get attention to a story.

  13. Stacy Davis says:

    If this isn’t a racism issue, then why didn’t the woman complain about the white non-Jewish people that also purchased plots there?

    And if the black person is buried in the interfaith section, why does it matter?

  14. Donnn says:

    This isn’t a black-white racism issue, it’s about Jewish person not wanting a non-Jewish person in the cemetery.

    Yes, racism does exist partly because the media plays games to keep it alive. As we see here.