Woman says she was knocked out for being gay

Shane Williams (left) allegedly beat up Chelsea Gallagher (right) because she is gay. (Photo: www.advocate.com)

Chelsea Gallagher has made claims that Shane Williams, a 20-year-old freshman football player at Colorado Mesa University beat her up because she’s gay.

The incident started in a Grand Junction, Colo. bar as an argument between the two, then turned into a fist fight police said. The fight ended with Wiliams picking Gallagher up and slamming her to the ground. She was “knocked out cold.”

“You would never assume a guy would do that,” Gallagher told KJCT reporters from her hospital bed in Colorado on Sunday.

“My skull is fractured, my eye is black and I can’t really hear out of my ear,” she said.

Police arrested Williams was arrested and charged with second degree assault, underage drinking and having a fake ID.

Colorado Mesa University’s Gay Straight Alliance group said this kind of discrimination is not that uncommon.

Do you think that’s true?

Have you ever been physically or mentally abused because of your sexual preference?

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