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Oscar voters are white, male and over 50


Oscars / Photo: contributed

A few times I’ve made it a point to watch Oscar-winning movies. Some were great, but most of them were the most boring movies I’ve ever seen in my life.

I recently learned that most of the people who vote for the Oscar winners are white men over 50 years old.

Entertainment Weekly reported that the LA Times conducted a study and found the following:

  •  The Academy Awards has 5,765 members.
  • 94 percent are Caucasian
  • 77 percent are male
  • Only 14 percent of the Academy is younger than 50
  • Only 2 percent are African-American
  • 2 percent are Latino.

This explains a lot. It’s probably unlikely that I, a 29 year-old black woman, would have a lot of the same movie interests as 50+ year old white man.

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