Can you believe this bumper sticker?

Here is an example of how people have become more open about being racist since President Obama was elected.

A friend on Facebook posted this photo.


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3 Responses

  1. Billy Rellinger says:

    Where you equally appalled at this sticker?

    Imagine if this said Obama instead of Bush.

  2. Charlene says:

    To be honest Stacey, you’re constantly looking for racism. You blog about race regularly. Because you surround yourself with race-sensitive examples these things may appear to happen more often “these days” but they don’t.

    This person is just expressing their free speech. Just like you expressed how you believe we should dedicate an entire month (February) to celebrating people’s accomplishments ONLY if they happen to be of color.

    Are both of these examples wrong and racist? Yes. But in our society they’re accepted.

  3. Pete Depander says:

    Never have I seen such
    ignorance on display. My
    god, what does that person think is
    going to happen, driving
    everywhere with such a
    rotten sticker on their car?