See you soon Danbury!

Last week was my last week at The News-Times in Danbury.

I am now a reporter for The Connecticut Post in Bridgeport.

However, despite my move, this blog will still be available to you on both the News-Times and Connecticut Post websites. You can also visit directly at

I love new beginnings, but I don’t like saying goodbye, so see you soon!

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6 Responses

  1. Stacy Davis says:

    I’m not sure. Jacky Smith, the managing editor, may be able to answer your question. Her email address is

  2. Demo Graphic says:

    It took the News Times a loooong time to hire a black reporter. Will we still have a black reporter after you leave?

  3. Kevin H says:

    Good Luck Stacy.

    See you soon.

  4. Polly Ester says:

    I’m sure it’s better for your career to get away from Arthur.

  5. Pete Depander says:

    Good riddance.

  6. jimmy pursey says:

    Great to know you won’t be a stranger, Stacy! We look forward to your continually insightful blogs. Bridgeport is a wonderful city!