Trial for black woman in Jewish cemetery begins

A grave marker for Juliet Steer, a black woman buried in the Congregation Ahavath Achim cemetery in Colchester, Conn. Photo: AP Photo/Jessica Hill

The trial has started regarding the black woman buried in a Jewish cemetery in Colchester, Conn. WFSB reported.

A 72-year-old Jewish white woman filed a lawsuit against the Congregation Ahavath Achim Cemetery because it allowed a non-Jewish black woman to be buried there.

The black woman is buried in the interfaith section of the cemetery. But there is a debate about what “interfaith” really means in this situation.

The Jewish woman’s lawyer said if a non-Jewish person is married to a Jewish person, then it is acceptable for him/her to be buried in the cemetery.

If the person is not Jewish and not married to a Jewish person, that is another situation, he said.

The synagogue is okay with the black woman being buried in its cemetery.

Also, the Jewish woman was at the meeting in 2009 when the synagogue approved the interfaith section.

The lawyer, who represents the cemetery and associated congregation, said the Jewish woman was being racist.

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One Response

  1. Robert Kelso says:

    Theres a graveyard in Northern Ireland where they built a wall underground to keep the catholics and protestants apart.I hardly think this black lady(God rest her soul) will be corrupting the other residents of the graveyard.