Native American group to have solstice social

Press Release:

“Quinnipiac Tribal Council of CT Holds Annual Summer Solstice Social”

The Quinnipiac Tribal Council of CT invites the public to its Annual
Summer Solstice Social to take place on Saturday, July 21, 9:00 to
5:00 PM, on the grounds of Old Stone Church (Congregational), 251 Main
Street, East Haven, CT.  A Potluck Feast will be held from 2-5:00 PM.

Quinnipiac Native Americans belong to the Algonquin Confederacy.  The
name, Quinnipiac, means Long-Water-Land.  Three hundred years ago,
they lived primarily in the New Haven/East Haven area.  The Algonquin
Confederacy originally covered all of what is now CT, eastern New York
State, northern New Jersey, and portions of Long Island.  Their
presence is known today in Connecticut through the names of the
Quinnipiac River and Quinnipiac University.  The Tribe is currently
involved in litigation that seeks to restore its legitimacy and

Featured at the Summer Solstice Social will be stories about the
Quinnipiac Stone Giants, educational talks, and demonstrations.  A
Quinnipiac Adoption Ceremony will be held, and recordings played of
Grand Sachem, Iron Thunderhorse, speaking the language of
Wampano-Quiripi, with English translations.  The Quinnipiac Sachem and
the Wabeno Quinnipiac Drum and Rattle Groups will recite “The Song of
Transformation”, with musical accompaniment.

Last year in June, a similar event was held to commemorate Old Stone
Church for providing refuge to the Quinnipiac three hundred years ago
during periods of unrest with newly arrived,  European settlers.

Attendees are encouraged to take their own food to share for the
Potluck, also beverages and tableware, folding chairs and blankets.
Admission is free, but donations to help cover event costs will be
appreciated.  Come, bring your children and friends, and enjoy!

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