Bully or motivator?

Jennifer Livingston / News Anchor WKBT

An overweight news anchor accused a viewer of being a bully after he sent her the following email:

Subject: Community Responsibility

“It’s unusual that I see your morning show, but I did so for a very short time today. I was surprised indeed to witness that your physical condition hasn’t improved for many years. Surely you don’t consider yourself a suitable example for this community’s young people, girls in particular. Obesity is one of the worst choices a person can make and one of the most dangerous habits to maintain. I leave this note hoping that you’ll consider your responsibility as a local public personality to present and promote a healthy lifestyle.”

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Do you think this man is a bully for sending this email? He didn’t call her any names or threaten her.

The admitted that she’s  overweight, and many studies have shown that obesity does lead to further health complications.

On the other hand, many people don’t like to be reminded about their weight issues.

What do you think?

And if you consider this reader’s email offensive, do you also consider Columnist Keila Torres’ column about the death of an overweight former councilman offensive?

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5 Responses

  1. Stacy Davis says:

    Daniel, I’m “Mixing It Up.”

  2. Dick Chenary says:

    Neither. Just plain stupid.

  3. Tina Sparkle says:

    Wow, a post that honest-to-God has nothing to do with anyone’s ethnicity or color! Brava, Stacy! Way to go! Maybe you’re learning, girl!

    As an overweight woman myself, I can testify that this would definitely NOT motivate me. Discrimination of the overweight is the last LAWFUL discrimination allowed in the USA. And the sooner we put a stop to it the better.

    I am sick of hearing that overweight people are (choose one) lazy, obstinate, uncaring, have no willpower, yada yada yada. Hey, if it were as easy to lose weight as all those pill advertisements claim, do you seriously believe we’d have an obesity “epidemic” in this country?

    I wish as much attention would be paid to the purveyors of fast food and all those crappy chemical ingredients in most processed foods as is paid to the overweight people who eat them.

    I wish as much attention would be paid to LOWERING the COST of healthy fruits, vegetables, and proteins as is paid to the lower income people who are forced to eat crappy processed foods and fast food because they don’t have a lot of money to spend and garbage food is CHEAPER AND MORE AFFORDABLE.

    I wish less attention was paid to banning foods and more attention paid to teaching people how to buy, cook, and eat healthier foods within their budgets – this should be REQUIRED CLASSES in every high school, vocational school and college.

    I wish MORE attention was paid to job discrimination of the overweight – housing discrimination of the overweight – payment discrimination of the overweight – and general societal discrimination of the overweight.

  4. Il Papa Santo says:

    Yeah, and you’re black/Negro/callyouwhatyouwill…which is associated with lower IQ, certain heart diseases, much lower marriage fidelity and earlier loss of virginity and out of wedlock births….and do you feel good about being told all that?

    Three prong test for speech:
    – Is it necessary?
    – Is it true?
    – Is it kind?

    I think the comment about her weight failed two of the three tests, and should be self-stifled for that reason, unless the original commenter is a perfect paragon in all areas of his/her life.

  5. Daniel says:

    Not sure what this has to do with race like your other blog clipos.