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A closer look at cultural diversity

Can you believe this bumper sticker?

Here is an example of how people have become more open about being racist since President Obama was elected. A friend on Facebook posted this photo.   Follow me on Twitter and Facebook. Related Links Mixing It Up: ESPN writer fired for racist headline Mixing It Up: Was Planned Parenthood’s founder a racist? Mixing It Up: Group […] [Read More]

Should there be a White History Month?

Is there a need for a White History Month? The purpose of Black History Month and Hispanic Heritage month is not to exclude anyone, but to celebrate those who have been excluded historically. White Americans have not historically been excluded – but have been doing the exluding. (i.e. Whites only admission at public locations, Jim Crow […] [Read More]

Mayor’s office receives hundreds of tacos

Joseph Maturo’s office, a.k.a. East Haven Town Hall, received about 500 tacos Thursday afternoon, according to several media outlets. The tacos were donated to a local homeless shelter, reports said. Junta for Progressive Action, a Latino non-profit organization in New Haven, Conn., sent the tacos to the East Haven mayor on behalf of people who sent […] [Read More]

East Haven mayor helps Latino community one taco at a time

As you’ve probably heard, four East Haven police officers were arrested Tuesday on charges of intimidating and harassing Hispanic residents and business owners. I’m glad the FBI is holding these officers accountable for their actions, which are racist and bullying. However, since hearing a clip of their mayor talk, I’m not surprised that this type […] [Read More]

“Stuff” Republicans say about Black people

Please take a look at this clip. I couldn’t believe some of the things these people were saying. Where is the progress? Video: “Stuff” Republicans say about Black people Related Links Mixing It Up: Blumenthal: In DC there’s an effort to restrict minorities’ voting rights Mixing It Up: More Asian Americans are running for Congress […] [Read More]

Blumenthal: In DC there is an effort to restrict voters’ rights

During the 2000 presidential elections, I was a student at Florida A&M University in Tallahassee. It was my first time voting, like many other freshmen in my dorm who just turned 18. Several of us decided to go together to our polling location, which was right across the street from the dorm. When we signed […] [Read More]
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More Asian-Americans are running for Congress

There is a record number of Asian-Americans running for Congress in the 2012 elections, according to USA Today. There are currently 11 members of the U.S. House and two in the U.S. Senate who have Asian, Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander ancestry, the article says. But that’s really not that many compared to the 400+ […] [Read More]

Survey says Latinos unhappy with deportation system

About 60 percent of surveyed Latinos disapprove of the way the Obama administration has handled the deportations of unauthorized immigrants, according to the Pew Hispanic Center. However, the survey shows that registered Latino voters still strongly support Obama’s 2012 presidential campaign. Click here to read more. [Read More]