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Ohio says “whites only” sign must go

An Ohio woman, who said she was trying to protect her assets, filed an appeal to keep a “whites only” sign posted at her pool, the New York Daily News Reported on Thursday. The woman, Jamie
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Lawsuit filed after black woman buried in Jewish cemetery

  A 72-year-old Jewish white woman has filed a lawsuit against a Jewish cemetery in Colchester because it allowed a non-Jewish black woman to be buried there.  The black woman is buried in the

Does racism still exist?

After reviewing some of the blog posts and comments from last year, I noticed that there are some people who don’t believe racism exists. While I don’t believe that racism ever stopped me from

East Haven police discriminate

After a two-year investigation of the East Haven Police Department, the U.S. Justice Department found a pattern of discrimination against Latinos, WTNH reported. Here is the rest of the story: “The
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Responses to racial profiling

In a recent column “Who Polices the Police?” I wrote about an experience where I thought I was profiled by a Danbury police officer. Many readers – of different races – responded positively. They

Discussing culture; getting through awkward moments

I recently received this letter from a colleague…what do you think? Have you had similiar experiences? “We’re all in this together” One of my most salient college memories was the blog I wrote about

Glenn Beck says its not bad to call black people “colored”

What do you think about Glen Beck’s comments? In one aspect I agree with Beck. I personally prefer the term black, because I believe my family has a rich culture here in America. I am more connected

Texas man executed Wednesday for hate crimes

The New York Times reported that Mark Stroman, 41, of Texas, was executed Wednesday night for killing three Arab men. Stroman said he wanted to kill Arabs to avenge the 9/11 terroist attacks. As a

One doesn’t represent all

Last week I wrote an article about a new mosque in Danbury, and I was amazed by some of the comments some readers wrote. Most of the comments had to be removed because they were pretty prejudice. One