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Lack of diversity on Main Street Partnership

People have been asking me why there aren’t any African-Americans on the Main Street Partnership in Danbury, CT. So I gave Mayor Mark Boughton a call to get the answer. Boughton said he didn’t really

Hanes ordered to pay $650K in discrimination case

An African-American man recently won $650,000 in a racial discrimination case against Hanes. Yunusa Kenchi, a former employee of the popular underwear company, experienced racial

Should there be a White History Month?

Is there a need for a White History Month? The purpose of Black History Month and Hispanic Heritage month is not to exclude anyone, but to celebrate those who have been excluded historically. White

Please don’t let him be Black…

When I hear that a suicide bomber, a serial killer, or a home invader has committed one of their heinous crimes, sometimes I think to myself, “I hope they weren’t Black.” It’s not that their Blackness
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It’s Black History Month…who cares?

You should care. Black History Month is important because African-Americans have significantly contributed to American history. African-Americans’ inventions, discoveries, contributions to education,

Should the “N-word” be taken out of books?

Do you think the “N-Word” should be taken out of novels? In books like Uncle Tom’s Cabin or The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, the N-word is splashed throughout. The N-word is derogatory to many

Slave games played at Georgia school

The same school district that brought you math problems with slaves picking cotton and getting beatings, now offers slave re-enactment games for third-graders. Parents in Gwinnett County, Georgia were

Mayor’s office receives hundreds of tacos

Joseph Maturo’s office, a.k.a. East Haven Town Hall, received about 500 tacos Thursday afternoon, according to several media outlets. The tacos were donated to a local homeless shelter, reports said.

East Haven mayor helps Latino community one taco at a time

As you’ve probably heard, four East Haven police officers were arrested Tuesday on charges of intimidating and harassing Hispanic residents and business owners. I’m glad the FBI is holding these

“Stuff” Republicans say about Black people

Please take a look at this clip. I couldn’t believe some of the things these people were saying. Where is the progress? Video: “Stuff” Republicans say about Black people Related Links Mixing It Up: