Mixing It Up

A closer look at cultural diversity

Where’s the diversity on “The Bachelor?”

A class-action suit has been filed against ABC for claims of purposely excluding blacks, Asians and Latinos from star roles in its television shows, “The Bachelor,” and “The Bachelorette,” Newsday reported. The lawyers are representing two black men who auditioned and were rejected from “The Bachelor.” “I noticed that the white males in front of me, they […] [Read More]

Why are people so racist on the Internet?

Today I was reading a blog post by Issa Rae, a black woman who recently won an award for her web series, “The Mis-adventures of Awkward Black Girl.” After winning against 783 other web series for a  “Shorty Award,” Issa received quite a few racist Tweets. One that really stood out to me: “#ThingsBetterThanAwkwardBlackGirl The smell […] [Read More]

Did Rick Santorum almost drop the “N-bomb?”

Did Rick Santorum almost call our President the N-word? Here’s what I heard: “We know. We know the candidate Barack Obama what he was like. The anti-war, government nig-uh…(stumbling speech here)…” After so much racism from the presidential candidates, I wouldn’t be surprised, but I’ll let you decide for yourself. Here’s the video. Follow me […] [Read More]

Anderson Cooper will examine kids and race

CNN’s Anderson Cooper will have a week-long special about kids’ perceptions of race. Cooper said he wanted the study to examine how a diverse group of young children begin to form attitudes and opinions about race, the Huffington Post reported. The study included 145 African American and Caucasian children in six different schools across three […] [Read More]

Southern Miss students: “Where’s your green card?”

  University of Southern Mississippi band members yelled “Where’s your green card?” to a Puerto Rican basketball player during a game Thursday, CNN reported. Southern Mississippi was playing Kansas State University in an NCAA tournament, which was televised. Angel Rodriguez, a Kansas State student, was being yelled at while shooting free throws. “I heard it. I don’t pay attention […] [Read More]

NAACP Image Awards Celebrity Sightings

I went to a viewing event for the NAACP Image Awards in Newark at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center on Friday. At the event, Roslyn Brock, the NAACP chairman, and A. Barry Rand, the CEO of AARP, presented Cathy Hughes with the 2012 Chairman’s Award. Cathy Hughes is the first and only African-American woman […] [Read More]

Should the “N-word” be taken out of books?

Do you think the “N-Word” should be taken out of novels? In books like Uncle Tom’s Cabin or The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, the N-word is splashed throughout. The N-word is derogatory to many people – to African-Americans and people of other ethnicities. They don’t want to see this word anywhere…ever. But to others, the […] [Read More]

Was there too much 9/11 coverage?

This past weekend, it was hard to find a news station that was not doing some sort of 9/11 coverage. Survivors and families of victims were seen mourning over losing their loved ones. Did you think it was too much? Do you wish there was more? I personally tried to avoid the coverage and the memorials. It […] [Read More]
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