Where are the black and brown teachers?

I recently wrote an article about the lack of  teachers of color in schools throughout the state. The majority of school officials said their top priority was hiring qualified professionals,

Was the Puerto Rican parade a disappointment?

Did you go to the Puerto Rican parade in Bridgeport yesterday? I wasn’t able to make it yesterday’s Puerto Rican parade, but the few people I spoke with that went to the parade seemed disappointed.

Native American group to have solstice social

Press Release: “Quinnipiac Tribal Council of CT Holds Annual Summer Solstice Social” The Quinnipiac Tribal Council of CT invites the public to its Annual Summer Solstice Social to take place on

Lynch returns to Bridgeport with Congressional Gold Medal

Since Lavell Lynch received a Congressional Gold Medal last week, he’s been getting lots of phone calls and visitors. “You’re a celebrity now,” I said to Lynch, 85, of Bridgeport. “Yes, I know,”

How will Obama’s health care plan affect minorities?

The Affordable Care Act is supposed to help everyone. It is especially supposed to help low-income, black and Hispanic citizens with health care options and address health care disparities. Blacks,
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African-American Marines receive Congressional Gold Medals

I wrote an article about Lavell Lynch, a Bridgeport man, who would be receiving a Congressional Gold medal this week for his service as a Montford Point Marine. CNN is showing a live stream of the
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International Festival ends Saturday

The International Festival of Arts & Ideas, a 15-day festival in New Haven, will end this Saturday. The annual festival, which is mostly free, includes musical, dance and theater performances from
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Was Rodney King a civil rights hero?

When I think of civil rights heroes, I don’t think of Rodney King. King died Sunday at the age of 47 in his swimming pool, according to reports. King is famous because on March 3, 1991 he was brutally