Maker Faire: Festival of invention and creativity returns to Bay Area

It’s hard to know how to describe the Maker Faire, the two-day “festival of invention, creativity and resourcefulness” that’s taking over the San Mateo Event Center this weekend. It’s mad science for the masses. A celebrat… [Read More]
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What’s the most dangerous thing for kids?

As parents we worry endlessly about our children’s safety. And as we got overwhelmed by information about everything from food cans lined with carcinogenic BPA to pet turtles carrying salmonella, we sometimes lose sight of the most serious danger… [Read More]

Hamster or dog? Which pets are best for kids

All kids love pets, but not all pets love kids. Which fidos, fifis and other furry (or fur-less) friends are best for families? An increasing number of people are being infected with salmonella linked to pet turtles, the tiny varieties with shells less… [Read More]
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Is new book on making LEGO firearms harmless or scary?

This month a book with instructions on how to build four of the world’s most iconic firearms with LEGOs goes on sale. Should parents be concerned about “LEGO Heavy Weapons,” a book that was written by a 17-year-old yet intended for ge… [Read More]

Video: SNL makes fun of Time magazine’s breastfeeding cover

Over the weekend, Saturday Night Live had fun mocking Time magazine’s controversial cover image promoting attachment parenting. The photograph features a mom nursing her son who is nearly 4 years old. Jamie Lynne Grumet, the 26-year-old Californi… [Read More]

Photo contest winner: Like mother, like daughter

Two weeks ago SFGate invited readers to submit photos that capture likenesses between mothers and daughters. The response to the “Like mother, like daughter” photo contest was huge and we received dozens of submissions. Many thanks to everyone who … [Read More]

20 utterly inspiring moms

Too often the moms who make news headlines aren’t good role models. Consider some of the reality TV stars. And so for Mother’s Day, we put together a photo collection of well-known moms who inspire us with their courage, grace, intelligence, creativity, and dedication. While they might work in a wide range of fields, from […] [Read More]
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Does Time magazine’s breastfeeding cover go too far?

This week’s issue of Time magazine features a mom breastfeeding her son who looks old enough to pour himself a glass of milk. The boy, just shy of 4 years old, is standing on a chair to reach the breast falling out of his mom’s tank top. Th… [Read More]