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Study: kids eat more fruits and vegetables when recess is held before lunch

Over eight years ago, when I was touring public kindergartens in San Francisco for my daughter (now 11), I remember standing in the cafeteria at Miraloma Elementary and the principal explaining that recess is held before lunch time. Ron Machado, who wa… [Read More]

Students post images of disgusting public school lunches

Twitter has been inundated with a rash of images of disgusting-looking public school lunches accompanied by the hashtag #ThanksMichelleObama. Students are posting images of piles of mush and mystery meat along with sarcastic, boring messages blaming an… [Read More]
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Good news: San Francisco public school lunches likely to improve soon

This January my mornings as a mother of two children who attend a public elementary school in San Francisco could dramatically change. I might no longer need to rise in the wee hours of the morning, a half hour before my kids wake up, to chop fruit int… [Read More]

20 school lunches from around the world

White rice topped with a spoonful of curry in Sri Lanka. A bowl of fresh beans in Sudan. Steamed mussels served with a plate of pomme frites in France. We’ve put together a collection of photos showing what kids are getting for school lunch in 20 dif… [Read More]

Preschooler’s turkey sandwich deemed unhealthy, given chicken nuggets instead

A North Carolina mother is upset because her preschooler’s homemade turkey sandwich was deemed unhealthy by school officials. Her daughter ate three chicken nuggets instead. Huh? Turns out the little girl attends a state school and her turkey and… [Read More]