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AKA Fitch

EYE CANDY with artists Ken Cornet & Tyler Farmen opens on Saturday, March 28, from 3-5 at the Silo Gallery on Upland Rd at Hunt Hill Farm in New Milford CT.  Be there! Joe Mustich AKA Fitch: Art ,
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Ken Cornet: Art + Design, Recent Work on Paper February 1 – 28, 2015 Marty’s Cafe & Gallery, 4 Greenhill Rd, Washington Depot, CT 860.868.1700 AKA Fitch: Art, Culture & Public Affairs in NW
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2015: Believe Joseph A. Mustich, AKA Fitch Art, Culture & Public Affairs Reportage From the Litchfield Hills of NW CT C: 860.387.9418
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Art, Culture, & Public Affairs

Joseph A. Mustich, AKA Fitch: Art, Culture, & Public Affairs from the Litchfield Hills of NW CT & beyond… C: 860.387.9418
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Joe Mustich AKA Fitch with artists Kristi Kunhardt and Ken Cornet at a Washington CT Art Association opening recently.    
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Art, Culture, Public Affairs….

ISIS? Just another US asset used for chaos and war? The important thing is not to stop questioning. Albert Einstein AKA Fitch: Art, Culture, Public Affairs Reportage in the Litchfield Hills of NW CT
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Sculptors Michael Steiner (left) and Mark Mennin, and at their recent art opening at the Washington Art Association in Washington Depot, CT. Photo: (c) Joseph A. Mustich AKA Fitch:  860.387.9418 Art,
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Art, Culture & Public Affairs

Gaza? Think Guernica. See AKA Fitch
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