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AKA Fitch

EYE CANDY with artists Ken Cornet & Tyler Farmen opens on Saturday, March 28, from 3-5 at the Silo Gallery on Upland Rd at Hunt Hill Farm in New Milford CT.  Be there! Joe Mustich AKA Fitch: Art ,

Ken Cornet: Art + Design, Recent Work on Paper February 1 – 28, 2015 Marty’s Cafe & Gallery, 4 Greenhill Rd, Washington Depot, CT 860.868.1700 AKA Fitch: Art, Culture & Public Affairs in NW


2015: Believe Joseph A. Mustich, AKA Fitch Art, Culture & Public Affairs Reportage From the Litchfield Hills of NW CT C: 860.387.9418

Art, Culture, & Public Affairs

Joseph A. Mustich, AKA Fitch: Art, Culture, & Public Affairs from the Litchfield Hills of NW CT & beyond… C: 860.387.9418

Art, Culture, Public Affairs &

Joe Mustich AKA Fitch with artists Kristi Kunhardt and Ken Cornet at a Washington CT Art Association opening recently.    

Art, Culture, Public Affairs….

ISIS? Just another US asset used for chaos and war? The important thing is not to stop questioning. Albert Einstein AKA Fitch: Art, Culture, Public Affairs Reportage in the Litchfield Hills of NW CT
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Art, Culture, Public Affairs +

Sculptors Michael Steiner (left) and Mark Mennin, and at their recent art opening at the Washington Art Association in Washington Depot, CT. Photo: (c) Joseph A. Mustich AKA Fitch:  860.387.9418 Art,

Art, Culture & Public Affairs

Gaza? Think Guernica. See AKA Fitch