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: August, 2009

We Are Interested in the Quality of Motion, Not Quantity

I can’t take credit for this line, but I can explain it. It is a quote from Dr. Michael Schneider, a chiropractor, researcher¬†and PhD who is at the University of Pittsburgh. For those of you who have
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Kids need to play, not train………………

In our era of specialization, medically, professionally and personally, we have become so isolated and focused in our thinking that we no longer look at how our kids are enjoying themselves. We look
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Breast Cancer Survivorship and Weight Lifting

I have received many requests for this article, so I am attempting to post this one again.   Study: Weightlifting helps breast cancer survivors РYahoo! News
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Chiropractic and Breast Cancer Survivorship

This has become a sort of sub specialty of mine. People normally don’t think of chiropractic care when looking for cancer survivorship therapies. But think about this, a person survivors cancer, many
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Breast Cancer and Weight Lifting

I work with many breast cancer survivors, this article fits in with my thinking
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So what have I done to myself??????????????

Still had pizza last night, but water instead of a diet coke. Lunch was salad. Need more structure. What have you done for yourself? Let me know. Getting started is always the hardest part. I quit
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Sometimes you need a wake up call.

Just returned from a week of sailing on Long Island Sound with a bunch of friends. I am a competent sailor, I have spent a week on a boat before, but on return I have never felt this sore as I do
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