Town Council to replace O’Dea tonight

The New Canaan Town Council will hear from the four candidates vying for the open seat tonight, vote, and welcome their newest member aboard.

Who will take the chair of the man in the middle?

When Republican Tom O’Dea successfully ran for state representative for the 125th in New Canaan in November his Town Council seat still had one year left to go. Now that he has been sworn in in Hartford, his seat is up for grabs.

Well, not quite up for grabs. There was a serious debate amongst council members whether his seat needed to be filled by a Republican, or whether members of other parties could throw their name in the ring for consideration.

After an opinion from Town Counsel Ira Bloom and then second opinions from other attorneys, the council set that they would only look at Republicans for the incoming seat.

The four candidates are: Kevin Moynihan, Dan Radman, John Engel and Roy Abramowitz.

Tonight at 7 p.m. at the New Canaan Nature Center the candidates will take turns answering questions from the Council, who will then vote.

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