Town Council to discuss major school security purchases tonight

The New Canaan Town Council will discuss funding for purpose of school security tonight at 7:30 p.m. at the New Canaan Nature Center. The council will look at more than $130,000 in spending for the projects and upgrades to be presented.

Children play on the swings at East Elementary School

From the agenda:

Item 3: To consider and vote upon the creation of a new Board of Education
 capital project called “School Safety and Security Project – Phase I” in
 the amount of $274,869.

Item 4: To consider and vote upon the following funding options for the

Safety and Security Project – Phase I: Transfer $12,975 from old Board of Education Capital and Nonrecurring
 projects to the General Fund and then to General Fund Capital for this 
project as follows:

* Saxe, East, South and West Exterior Door Keypads ($6,587)

* East, South and West Interior Door Hardware Replacement ($6,388)

To Appropriate $133,690 as a special appropriation.