‘Snapshots of Heaven’ author seeks your stories about children to help aid healing in Newtown

Myron Welik, a family man and writer who lives in Montreal, Canada, was deeply saddened by the Dec. 12 massacre in Sandy Hook. Now he’s come up with an idea he hopes will help people heal; it involves the sharing of written stories about children.
Welik, a father of two whose wife is American, wrote a short book a while ago called “Snapshots of Heaven.” It was written under his pen name, Michael Wells, and includes 40 funny, real-life stories about his experiences with his kids.
“For me, my kids were my inspiration, but my stories about my experiences with them when they were young are anyone’s story,” he said. “Only the names change. There’s no such thing as language, culture, or religion when it comes to the love kids bring us.”
Welik said his kids helped him realize that children truly are “snaphots of heaven.” And he said, “I learn more from them than they can ever learn from me.”
So, here’s his idea:
“It is my hope, or, more accurately, my dream, that the inspirational, positive spirit of my book will encourage others to tell their kid stories — no matter who they are. And this in turn will inspire thousands more, until we build a mountain of ‘Snaphots of Heaven’ stories and donate them to Newtown.”
Welik is asking people to email him stories about their children and to make them about the length of those in his book, just two-to-three pages at most.

“Make them real — how children take us to heaven and back before our time,” he said.

Welik feels if thousands of stories are collected and donated, it may be a small way to help Newtown become “a positive universal epicenter,” so it does not become known mostly as the town where a gunman killed his mother, six educators and 20 first-graders, but rather, as a place that reminds the world how precious children are, and that despite the darkness, love can triumph.
“Please take a moment and send in your funny real-life kid stories so together we can eventually donates thousands to Newtown and let them know that they never will be alone or forgotten,” he said. “Indeed, in time, Newtown, might inspire us all!”
Stories can be sent via email to Myron Welik at Snapshotsofheaven@yahoo.com or mwelik@yahoo.com.
For more details on his book, visit www.snapshotsofheaven.com
Linda Tuccio-Koonz