Newtown murder trial: Images of skeleton exhibited

UPDATE (3:35) The prosecution has so far spent about 90 minutes on the testimony of a state police crime scene detective who responded to the former Heath property upon the discovery of a human femur bone.
That discovery led to the search and partial excavation of a drywell in the basement of the barn at 89 Poverty Hollow Road.
In that search, state police detectives found the skeletal remains of Elizabeth Heath wrapped in bedding and garbage bags.
Assistant State’s Attorney Warren Murray led state police Detective Caroline Keith through several dozen images depicting the items discovered, including the skeletal remains.

UPDATE (1:10 p.m.) Assistant State’s Attorney Warren Murray called another two witnesses to the stand before the Newtown cold case murder trial of John Heath broke for lunch this afternoon.

Jordan Wright, a Redding man who purchased Heath’s former property at 89 Poverty Hollow Road out of foreclosure in 2007, testified to the grisly discovery he made on April 14, 2010 as he and his father ripped the flooring from a basement apartment in a barn on the property.

“It was covered in mold and everything was rotten so we were cleaning it out and getting rid of the rot,” he explained.

But once he and his father had finished tearing out the floor of the apartment’s kitchen, they came to a concrete dry well.

“And in that we found a garbage bag and a human femur,” he said.

An investigation would determine the femur and remainder of a skeleton in the drywell were the remains of Elizabeth Heath, the wife John Heath is now on trial for allegedly murdering in 1984.


UPDATE (11:50) The state’s first witness in the Newtown cold case murder trial of John Heath has finished his testimony.
Former Newtown Police Detective Robert Tbardzik testified to taking Heath’s missing person report on Elizabeth Heath’s disappearance in April 1984.
Heath told the detective that Elizabeth took only $600 and the clothes on her back when she disappeared on April 1, 1984.

DANBURY — Jurors and spectators are gathering in Superior Court here this morning for the murder trial of John Heath.
The 70-year-old man is charged with murdering his wife, Elizabeth, in 1984 then hiding her body beneath a barn on their Poverty Hollow Road property.
The trial is set to begin at 9:45.
Check back for updates throughout the day.

Dennis O'Malley