Where is Alex? If you saw something in Danbury Sunday, say something.

UPDATE: Hal Meeker was out looking for his dog in the northwest corner of Danbury earlier today. If you know where his dog his, call him at 203-917-0778.  A reward is being offered.

You may be used to seeing Alex around the site of Meeker’s Hardware store in Danbury (White Street), or other places he’s been with Hal Meeker, his owner. He’s a 120 lb. Great Pyrenees dog, all white, and he’s been missing since Sunday afternoon.

Alex, a Great Pyrennes dog seen here last year surrounded by cheerleaders, is missing. His owner, Hal Meeker, is offering a reward for information leading to Alex' recovery. Call 203-917-0778 if you've seen Alex since Sunday, Sept. 29, 2013.

Alex, a Great Pyrenees dog seen here last year surrounded by cheerleaders, is missing. His owner, Hal Meeker, is offering a reward for information leading to Alex’ recovery. Call 203-917-0778 if you’ve seen Alex since Sunday, Sept. 29, 2013.

Meeker’s friend Thomas was taking care of Alex while Meeker was visiting a drop zone in New York state, Meeker said.  In this case, a drop zone is related to skydiving, which Meeker has been involved with for years.

Thomas tied Alex out in the parking lot area of Meeker’s with some water at about 1 p.m. Sunday, Meeker said and the friend, Thomas, confirmed, but at 4:30, Alex was gone. The clasp on his tie-out was still intact, they said, and the yellow polypropylene lead that was attached to Alex’s black collar was also gone. The area is enclosed by fencing, except for one section of driveway which was chained, the men said.

One theory is that someone used to keeping small toy dogs inside may have thought Alex shouldn’t have been outside and took it upon themselves to take him, presumably to an indoor location. But Meeker is hoping that either Alex will be safely returned to him voluntarily or that witnesses will step forward to help get Alex home.

Meeker has had Alex for 10 years, and described him as a “real dog,” one that people all over the area seem to know. He said one time he and Alex were at a Dunkin Donuts in Brookfield and a couple spotted them.

Their reaction was to say to Meeker, “You’re Alex’s owner!”  Dog owners know how that goes – you may not ever exchange names with another dog owner, but you know the names of each other’s dogs.

It’s clear Meeker wants Alex back – not just because he’s offering a cash reward for the dog’s recovery, but because of the protective way he speaks of his dog. He’s already contacted the police and the pound, and will be plastering the city with posters shortly, he said.

If you have any information about Alex’s whereabouts, call 203-917-0778.

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Carolyn Mueller

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  1. growloud says:

    I love how these people irresponsibly and ignorantly leave their dog alone for HOURS unattended, and then proceed to insult “toy dog owners” who might have brought the dog inside. At least those so-called “toy dog” owners wouldn’t leave their dogs out alone like a car parked in the driveway.

    Leaving your dog alone, for any amount of time, even in your own yard shows a serious lack of awareness of how dangerous the world is for dogs. They can be harmed or killed by their own tethers, attacked by coyotes and other wildlife, stolen by dog fighters, dog flippers, or puppy millers, or abused by sick people for fun, as we JUST SAW in the “Puppy Doe” case.

    WAKE UP. This isn’t thirty years ago. Either your dog is FAMILY and stays with you outside, or comes inside when you are not there so he is SAFE.

    I hope to DOG if they get this dog back, they refrain from the ignorance, both in regards to that poor dog itself, AND other dog owners.