Comet ISON may fall apart

In 2012, there was the news that stargazers could see a spectacular new comet _ Comet ISON – in late November and early December. The hope was this would be a historic, naked-eye, glorious sight.

But ISON is what astronomers call a sungrazer _ a comet entering out solar system for the first time. They can be highly unpredictable.

The latest evidence presented by astronomer Ignacia Ferrin is that ISON may disintegrate as it gets closer to the sun.  It’s following the pattern of other comets that have gotten close to us, then fallen apart.

But another astronomer David Levy has made this comparison “Comets are like cats. They have tails and they do precisely what they want.’

As ISON gets closer, we’ll know if it wants to shine or be a dud.