Mosaic mural worth a look-see

At Brookfield Day on Sunday, town residents who attended one of the highlight 225th anniversary celebration events were able to see the unveiling of a Town Hall masterpiece: “The Reflections of Mosaic” mural that is now hanging in the lobby.

It is a spectacular, visual piece designed by local artists Joanne and Bruce Hunter, one that was then put-together by a large number of local people who followed the design with pieces of ceramic tile strategically placed to create a vision that speaks to the natural wonders that compose the Brookfield landscape. The final result sparkles with light, a dazzling display that is well worth a gaze, or more.

I would invite anyone who has not seen this 10-panel mosaic to visit. Take some time to experience what this tribute, a community gift, has to offer. I promise you will leave uplifted, if not dazzled, by the artistic brilliance behind the piece that bears the touch of so many.


Nanci Hutson