Debate scheduled for Brookfield’s top seat

It is the political season, and time to mark off dates.

On Monday, Oct. 21, the Brookfield Chamber of Commerce will be the host of a debate at the Whisconier Middle School at 7 p.m. between the Republican and Democrat first selectman candidates Bill Tinsley and Howard Lasser.

This will be a chance to hear from the two candidates, both experienced elected officials with backgrounds in finance and corporate business, about how they envision managing the town and its resources.

In several towns this year, there is no competition for the top elected official, leaving the political parties struggling for ways to generate interest in the municipal election that is where voters can have the most influence.

In Brookfield, this political race between candidates who have quite different views on the notion of progress, and how best to finance long-term projects, could have a dramatic effect on the complexion of town government. At this time, the Republican party is the dominant party for all elected bodies other than the Board of Selectmen. The Democrats clearly want to protect their current position, and the Republicans are intent on making a clean sweep.

A debate is one of the various ways to glean more about these candidates. All town residents are encouraged to attend.


Nanci Hutson