Campaign signs vandalized in New Fairfield, Danbury

It may have been politically motivated, or just a Halloween prank, but it was a bad weekend for campaign signs in Danbury and New Fairfield.

New Fairfield First Selectman Susan Chapman reported that a vandal or vandals armed with spray paint defaced five lawn signs overnight Friday and Saturday, scrawling crude, graffiti-like images over the red-white-and blue placards bearing her photo.

In Danbury, Mayor Mark Boughton said about two dozen of his campaign signs, as well as some commercial signs, were ripped up during the weekend. A number of the signs were dumped in New Fairfield, Boughton said.

Chapman said that vandals specifically targeted her signs, and none for her Democratic opponent, Mike Gill, were damaged.

“Whoever did it knew exactly where the signs were,” she said. “I think we’ve had a fairly civil campaign, and I don’t think this is representative of New Fairfield.

Boughton said he lost some signs on Friday, but that the vandalism peaked on Saturday, when not only campaign signs, but several real estate signs were taken.

Boughton said he learned of the vandalism when Gill called him over the weekend to say that a number of the Danbury mayor’s signs were hanging from state traffic control sign near West Ridge Road in New Fairfield

“It’s very unfortunate,” Gill said. “Everybody spends money to (put up these signs) and you get a prankster or whatever who thinks it’s funny to do something to them. It’s not funny, especially when it happens to you.”

Chapman said that her campaign plans to replace the damaged signs later this week.

John Pirro