Sandy survivors after Faith Church

The 13 Staten Island families living in temporary housing on the Faith Church property in New Milford have to vacate the site by Dec. 31.

The Tunnel to Tower Foundation that helped the Hurricane Sandy survivors move to the church property is working to help them relocate to permanent housing.

Four of the families are moving to Candlewood Hill mobile home park in the mobile homes they are presently living in. The trailers will be moved to the park by Garden Homes, which manages the park.

Two families are returning to their rebuilt homes in Breezy Point, NY.

Housing is being sought for the other seven families.

“These people were more traumatized than we initially realized,” said John Hodge, director of operations for Tunnel to Tower Foundation. “We had anticipated that the after effects of living through the storm would be minor within six months. That has not been the case.”


Susan Tuz