What’s your Big Bang theory?

The TV show, “The Big Bang Theory,” is certainly popular. You can hardly avoid coming across it between first-run and reruns on various channels.

The main characters in that show are extremely educated scientists, looking at the world through physicists’ eyes. Well, mostly through physicists’ eyes – there’s also neurobiology and other scientific specialties represented from time to time.

But, what about God? What does your faith tell you about the origin of the universe?

St. Mary’s Parish of Ridgefield (www.stmarysridgefield.org) will host “God and the Big Bang: Faith and Science Look at Cosmic Origins,” in the Parish Hall, 183 High Ridge Ave., Ridgefield, on Friday, Nov. 8, from 7:30 – 9:30 p.m. A screening of the film, “Cosmic Origins,” will be followed by a discussion.

The discussion will be led, not by Leonard and Sheldon, but by astronomer and physicist, Brother Robert Novak, Ph.D., Physics Department chair of Iona College, and Fairfield University’s Dr. Nancy Dallavalle, associate professor and Religious Studies chair.

Both will offer brief reflections on the film and topic, after which there will be a question and answer session. Attendees will also contemplate the contributions both science and faith have made to the search for truth about our universe and who we are. The moderator will be Dr. Glenn Sauer, the Biology and Biochemistry chair at Fairfield University. Dr. Sauer is also the director of the Templeton Foundation Project, “God and Modern Biology.”

The event is co-sponsored by St. Francis of Assisi of Weston and St. Rose of Lima of Newtown. All are welcome. Wine and cheese will be served. The suggested donation is $10 per person.

For more information on “God and the Big Bang,” email faithformation@smcr.org or call St. Mary’s Parish office at 203- 438-6538.

Carolyn Mueller