Democrats poke Halloween fun at gubernatorial hopefuls


Officials with the state Democratic Party decided to have a little Halloween fun with Republican gubernatorial hopefuls today – issuing a new graphic that shows potential GOP contenders including Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton and state Sen. Toni Boucher as characters from Alice in Wonderland having a tea party.

The graphic was dubbed – “Happy Halloween from the Connecticut Tea Party All Stars.”

Boughton admitted Thursday that he chuckled when he first saw the graphic, although he was a little concerned that Democrats made him the Cheshire Cat instead of the Mad Hatter, whose character has roots in the Danbury hatting industry.

“I was a little outraged they didn’t make me the Mad Hatter,” Boughton quipped. “Apparently they don’t have a lot to do at Democratic headquarters these days.”

In case you were wondering, that’s Boucher on the left dressed as the Queen of Hearts, while Shelton Mayor Mark Lauretti is the rabbit, Greenwich businessman Tom Foley is the mad hatter, state Sen. John McKinney was honored as the famed Alice and of course Boughton rounds out the cast of characters in the cat suit.

Earlier this week the state Democratic Party sent two individuals dressed up as chickens to Danbury City Hall to poke fun at a Twitter exchange Boughton had with a local high school student about heat at the school.

It appears the Democrats are pulling out all the stops in celebration of Old Hallow’s Eve!


Dirk Perrefort