Bethel home damaged by fire

BETHEL — A fire that started in a pickup truck parked in the driveway caused extensive damage to a Prospect Street home.

The fire broke out shortly before 4:45 p.m. at the residence on 22 Prospect Street, which town records show is owned by Gerald and Margaret Sack.

Fire Marshal Tom Galliford said the house is uninhabitable and the Red Cross has been contacted to provide assistance to the homeowners.

Neighborhood resident Ed Deeney said Margaret Sack had been running errands earlier in the day and parked the truck in front of the garage below the ranch-style home.

Sometime later, she smelled smoke and went outside to find the truck smoldering.

“When she opened the passenger door, it went up,” Deeney said.

Galliford said the flames ignited the exterior of the house before spreading up toward the roof.

She was the only person home at the time and was not injured, Deeney said.

Firefighters from Bethel and several other area departments, including Brookfield and Newtown, responded to the blaze.

They used suppressive foam to prevent gasoline that was leaking from the fuel tank of the burning truck from igniting as it flowed down the hill, Galliford said.

John Pirro