Sandy Hook mother’s book an inspiration to all

In considering special gifts for my family and loved ones, I have found a book that should be on every person’s shelf. The book is titled, “Nurturing Healing Love:  A Mother’s Journey of Hope & Forgiveness,” a version of the final words six-year-old Jesse Lewis wrote on a chalkboard in the home he shared with his mother, a writer, Scarlett Lewis, and older brother J.T.

I read this book – the cover and letters appear as though printed on a chalkboard  – in a few hours: I literally could not put it down.

Scarlett Lewis is a brave, loving woman whose ability to transform a tragedy into an opportunity for love, healing and forgiveness in honor of her son, a brave little warrior who stood by his teacher’s side as a gunman fired his bullets, killing him just after he managed to encourage nine of his classmates to run for safety.

This mother’s story of little boy full of vigor, rambunctiousness, and heaps of love for his family, is a tale that can make any parent, grandparent, or adult of any kind, for that matter, smile when confronted with his over-sized personality. It will also make you weep to think of a world without such a child; one callously shot down because of a young man’s crazed rage that clearly started percolating when he was just a boy.

This is an honest read. But it steers clear of oversentimentality. It offers wisdom, and wit. But most of all, it offers a chance for all who read Jesse’ story to take a brave steps toward love and forgiveness in our lives even when it would be far easier to get mired in anger and hatred.

Scarlett Lewis is to be admired for her words, and her willingness to share Jesse with the world.

Proceeds from the small, hard-cover book that sells for about $15 will benefit the Jesse Choose Love Foundation.


Nanci Hutson