Tinsley to select new attorney

Come Feburary, the town of Brookfield will have new legal counsel for most town and land-use matters: local attorney Thomas Beecher. He will replace current firm Cohen & Wolf, who for the last year’s have had a contract with the town that expires in February.

The Republican majority Board of Selectmen on Dec. 2 agreed to hire new counsel, but minority member Bill Davidson, the former first selectman, asked that First Selectman Bill Tinsley and Selectman Marty Flynn at least review the current contract so that any new contract will be at a similar, or less, cost.

Tinsley said he intends to recommend Beecher, with whom he has worked in the past and who successfully represented Brookfield in a matter a few years ago before the State Supreme Court, at the Jan. 6 meeting. The final contract with the costs will be presented to the board at that time.


Nanci Hutson