59 Bank closing Saturday

59 Bank, a staple in downtown New Milford restaurants for 11 years, is closing its doors on Saturday.

Owner Arthur Michaelsen said Wednesday that keeping two restaurants going was getting to be too much. He and his wife, Julia, are keeping their restaurant in Ridgefield, Bartolo, open.

“We’re moving on,” Michaelsen said. “Hopefully, we’ve sold the restaurant. Saturday will be our last day. We want to thank the town of New Milford and area communities for their support and patronage over the years.”

“We’ve loved being on Bank Street. New Milford is a great community,” he added.

Michaelsen declined to name the buyers. He anticipates the restaurant will be reopened under a new name, decor and owners in a few months.

“We’ll be open all day and night Saturday. We’d love everyone to come by and celebrate our final day,” Michaelsen said.

Saturday, Dec. 20, 59 Bank will be open from 10:30 a.m. to 2 a.m. Sunday.


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Susan Tuz

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  1. rmolloy says:

    This is a good thing everyone. The owners, Art and Julia of both 59 Bank in New Milford and Bartolo in Ridgefield are not good business people. They pay their employees with bad checks due to insufficient funds and this sticks the employees with their $35.00 bank charge as well. When their employees or former employees go there to confront them about this matter, they sit cowardly in their office and send other employees up to talk to these employees. Again, never making the situation completely right. This isn’t just a rumor, I know this first hand. My girlfriend is currently going through this with them.