Democrats lash out at Boughton advisor


Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton is seen here in August announcing his exploratory committee for a potential gubernatorial run. State Sen. Mike McLachlan can be seen in the background.

Given the likelihood that Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton will make his gubernatorial run official this week, state Democrats began lashing out at one of his “advisors,” state Sen. Michael McLachlan.

McLachlan, Boughton’s former chief of staff and a staunch social conservative, is called a Tea Partier, anti-gay advocate and a
“war on women proponent,” in a statement released Monday by the state Democratic Party.

“Mark Boughton needs to let Connecticut know why he is so close to such a dangerous extremist and if he agrees with Senator McLachlan’s agenda,” state Democratic chairwoman Nancy DiNardo said. “Does Mark Boughton want to force ultrasounds on pregnant women? Does he support McLachlan’s anti-gay views and Tea Party agenda?”

Last week Boughton, who formed an exploratory committee for a gubernatorial run last fall, told Hearst Connecticut Newspapers last week that the Republican field in the race remains wide open and supporters are encouraging him to run. He said he expects to make a decision soon.

In 2010, Boughton was the running mate of Tom Foley on a GOP ticket that lost to Malloy and Lt. Gov.Nancy Wyman by less than 1 percent.

McLachlan, one of those supporters, said at the time that Boughton would make a good governor.

“He’s got all of the tools and experience necessary to run Connecticut government the way it needs to be run in this god awful economy that we face, and his leadership skills will be well received at the state Capitol.”

In the past, McLachlan has been called out by Democrats for proposals that included requiring women to have ultrasounds prior to abortions and supporter the birther movement, a claim that McLachlan has denied despite submitting language that would require presidential candidates to submit their birth certificates to the Secretary of the State for access to the state’s ballot.




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Dirk Perrefort

2 Responses

  1. bobmacguffie says:

    The only “dangerous extremist” in this article is Nancy DiNardo. Her and the Party she leads believe that creating endless public debt to finance their utopian social engineering comes without cost. It may not cost her but her children and ours will pay dearly for her impossible dreams which dis-incent the self-reliance that on which our society depends. And for your information Mike McLachlan is a solid citizen who stands for the values and traditions which have held society together and are critical to its survival and prospering for thousands of years. Those like Ms. DiNardo should examine their consciences before making such foolish statements as those above. They should instead detail for us just exactly how their specific collectivist and redistributive policies will benefit middle America, whom they demand pay the gov’t for it all. But they never do – personal disparagement is so much cheaper and easier…….

  2. heywhatsthat says:

    Is Nancy DiNardo in any way related to Paul DiNardo who was accused along with Gallante of ripping off the citizens in Danbury and the surrounding towns?