NSSF Responds to Newtown Action Alliance

UPDATE – The National Shooting Sports Foundation issued a response Monday morning to statements made by local and state gun control activists in advance of NSSF’s annual gun-industry trade show.

The statement read, in part: “While we respect the First Amendment rights of all Americans, we firmly reject the purposeful mischaracterization of our trade association and of the lawful business activities our members conduct.”

UPDATE – The Newtown Action Alliance press conference outside the National Shooting Sports Foundation headquarters has concluded.

David Stowe, vice-chairman of the Newtown-based non-profit formed in response to the shootings at Sandy Hook, called on NSSF and the gun industry to support background checks on private gun sales; cease marketing in a manner they feel is directed at children; and to cease aggressive marketing that centers on military-style terminology and narratives.

Kate Mayer, a Newtown resident and gun control activist, pointed out the “innocuous”-looking building which houses NSSF on Mile Hill Road and said it has little in common with its hometown save for its “cute,” New England style appearance.

“We are Newtown and NSSF is not, she said during her remarks.

NEWTOWN – The Newtown Action Alliance and  the Campaign to Unload will hold a press conference outside the headquarters of the National Sports Shooting Foundation at 9 a.m. this morning.

The press conference is in response to the NSSF’s annual trade show in Las Vegas,

Press conference organizers said they will “expose the gun industry’s shameful record of selling military-style assault rifles that are routinely used in mass shootings,” while at the same time opposing new laws and policies to prevent gun violence.

They will also release a report on the increasingly militarized marketing of gun industry products.

The NSSF headquarters is located at 11 Mile Hill Road in Newtown.

John Pirro