Brookfield Democrats seek to renenergize with new faces

DiStephanBrookfield Democrats elected new leadership, and appointed nine new people to a slate of 25 town Committee members, with the focus being on reclaiming the voice the party feels it lost in the most recent November elections.

Of the 19 seats on the election ballot, the Republicans and its endorsed A Brookfield Party candidates claimed 18 of those. Former First Selectman Bill Davidson, who ran on the Democratic ticket, won as the minority selectman candidate.

“I am both honored and excited to serve as the Chair of the Brookfield DTC,” said new Chairman Ray DiStephan, the former Board of Education chairman who lost his seat to A Brookfield Party candidate Greg Beck who amid a community controversy resigned his seat. “We have a very talented group and they are fired up to work hard for the town.”



Some 30 people participated in the Democratic caucus.

“With the amount of people who attended … it is apparent that our town is ready to work harder than ever for change moving forward.  The DTC is going to work hard in order to make that happen,” DiStephan said.

Vice- Chairman Ron Jaffe will continue in his role. “I’ve served the DTC in various roles for quite some time”, said Jaffe. “There is a new energy now. We have a waiting list to join the DTC. That’s exciting!”

The committee secretary will be Jeffrey Kass and treasurer will be Elaine Tomanio.

Here is the list of the committee members: Nancy Carroll, Marge Davidson, Dotti Dori, Steve Dunn, Gregory Grudzinski,  Judy Heise, Maizie Jaffe, Cathy Lasser, Howard Lasser, Brian Lerner, Tulio Lopes, Victor Lopes, Louise Trojanowski-Marconi, Robert Marconi, David Matte, Zoltan Nanassy, Dan Smolnik, Laura Orban, Jon Van Hise, Michael Zacchea and Christina Zimmerman.


Nanci Hutson