New Milford man questioned in New York bank robberies

DANBURY – A 35-year-old New Milford man was being questioned late Thursday  in connection with the attempted robbery of the Putnam County National Bank in Putnam Lake, N.Y. on Tuesday.

The bank had been robbed twice in the past month.

Investigators from the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office and New York State were at the Danbury police department to interview the man, who had been stopped by a Danbury police officer while operating a car that matched the description of a the suspected getaway vehicle in the unsuccessful heist.

The bank was robbed on Dec. 20 and again on Jan. 2, but New York police said Tuesday’s attempt failed when a teller spotted a man wearing a ski mask outside the bank and refused to open the locked front door for a man who claimed he needed access to his safe deposit box.

The bank lobby was closed,  but the drive-in window was open at the time of the 12:15 p.m. incident, Chief Gerald Schramek of the sheriff’s office said previously.

The two would-be robbers fled empty-handed in a white sedan, Schramek said.

He also said investigators believe that the same person or persons were responsible for the earlier robberies.

New York authorities had a photo of the suspected getaway car that  was taken by a witness outside the bank and distributed it other area police departments. The Danbury officer spotted it shortly after 11:30 a.m. Thursday.

The driver was cited for a variety of motor vehicle violations, including operating an unregistered vehicle and failure to carry proof of insurance.

As of 10 p.m. last night, no other charges had been filed.

John Pirro