Darwin Day

untitledDarwin Day – the birthday of Charles Darwin – is Feb. 12. It’s a good day to marvel at the world.

As scientists point out over and over, the life sciences  – biology, botany, zoology  and all the others – make sense because of Darwin. His work explains how thing evolved, and how they are still evolving. We live in a changing, fluid world. Just because we’re too busy to notice doesn’t mean its not happening.

US. Rep.Rush Holt of New Jersey has proposed legislation in the US Congress to mark Feb. 12 as “Darwin Day,”  nationally.

But recent polls show that one-third of Americans reject the idea of evolution and believe things is as they always was. The United States ranks low in its support for evolution, compared to other countries. A national celebration of Darwin isn’t happening.

So, celebrate his birthday on your own . He opened doors for human thought and imagination.arate darwini