Programs to help Danbury seniors offered

Two new programs are available for senior citizens in Danbury. See if one or both might be helpful for you or someone you know.

Friendly Visitor Program:  Do you know someone who might like a weekly call or visit?  Maybe you yourself would like one.  Elmwood Hall / Danbury Senior Center is partnering with an organization called Golden Opportunities of Newtown to bring you such a visit.  The staff of Golden Opportunities would love to hear from you and spend time with you over the phone or in person. Call them directly at 203-426-3301.  This is a free program paid for by a private grant, and is for Danbury residents only.

Home Repair Safety Program: Through a grant and in partnership with Family and Children’s Aid, the “Home Repair Safety” program is now available to Danbury seniors.  If you have a safety concern in a home you own, such as:  light bulb needs to be changed, need a new smoke detector, need a sturdy kitchen step stool, need a support grab bar in your bathroom, etc., call Elmwood Hall / Danbury Senior Center at 203-797-4686 for a referral to this new program.  Income limits are $41,000 for a single person and $45,000 for a couple.

Carolyn Mueller