Train derailment in New Milford

UPDATE 12:55 p.m.
A New Milford police officer remains at the scene of a Housatonic Railroad engine derailment to monitor traffic in the narrow road adjacent to the tracks.
The first of two engines derailed due to ice build up, officials said.
The derailment, which did not appear to affect the second engine or any of the cars, occurred less than a mile from the nearest crossing.

Update 12:12 p.m. – Authorities say the train derailment near the Boardman Road crossing is not impacting traffic in the area at this time. The train, witnesses said, is sitting on an embankment  about an eighth of a mile from the crossing .

How long it will take to place the train back onto the tracks remains uncertain.


Officials with Housatonic Railroad are reporting that an engine has derailed at a crossing along their freight line in New Milford.

Colin Pease, vice president of special operations for the railroad, said the train was approaching the Boardman Road crossing and jumped the track as a result of ice build up at the crossing.

Pease said typically an engine will break apart any ice that builds near the rail as it moves through, but the ice in this case, “must have been like concrete,” because the ice didn’t budge and forced the train off the tracks.

“Whether that area was salted I’ m not sure,” Pease said. “That could certainly be a factor.”

While the first engine jumped the tracks, officials said the second engine and several cars remained on the rails. The train was servicing customers in the area.

He added that it may require a crane to lift the engine back onto the tracks.



Dirk Perrefort