C.H. Booth Library in Newtown to welcome patrons Saturday

Newtown librarygoers take note: the historic Main Street Cyrenius H. Booth Library will reopen on Saturday.

Since January, the library’s doors have been shuttered due to a burst sprinkler pipe that did significant damage to the library that is designed such that it appears as though one is walking through a stately mansion. The restoration work has steady, and as speedy as it could be, and library leaders hope patrons will be pleased with the refurbished facility, and reappointed areas.

Compliments to the library staff and volunteers for all their hard work and diligence to the website that was able to keep patrons alerted to progress, and relocation of programs. A thanks to Edmond Town Hall for providing space for an information circulation desk in the old courtroom. The cooperation that the library has received from all speaks to the spirit of a community unwilling to be daunted by adversity.

The News-Times will have more online and print this weekend about the opening, and the search for a new library director.


Nanci Hutson