Danbury, Ridgefield, Newtown students win top awards at CT science fair

Top 2014 Connecticut Science Fair results
Janine Kerr, junior, Danbury High School
First Place and Top prize in Pfizer Life Sciences, grades, 9-12
Winner of Urban Schools Challenge, 9-12
Kerr developed approach to controlling Eurasian Water Milfoil, a destructive and invasive aquatic flora in nearly every state. She used small, native aquatic insects that feed on it called milfoil weevils.
This finding could have tremendous benefits for the aquatic ecosystems of not only Connecticut but the entire country.

Isabelle Goldstein, student, Ridgefield High School,
First place and top prize Dominion Physical Sciences, grades 9 to 12
She investigated the Weakly Interacting Massive Particle theory for dark matter by partitioning gamma ray sources from M31, the Andromeda galaxy, from Fermi LAT. Through this, she was able to explore M31’s gamma ray halo.

Goldstein and Kerr also shared the top award given by the Connecticut Academy of Science and Engineering.

7th Grade First Place:
Catherine Herrick of St. Rose of Lima School (Newtown)
Project Title:
The Investigation Of The Presence Of Plastic Microscopic Fibers In Effluent Sewage Water and And The Long Island Sound

Eileen FitzGerald