5 Danbury stores caught selling booze to minors

DANBURY — A routine compliance check of package stores by the Department of Consumer Protection on Saturday found five businesses in the city sold alcohol to minors.

The minors in questions were actually volunteers trained by the Governor’s Prevention Partnership and assisted in the DCP check, according to a press release issued by DCP.

Of the 44 package stores and grocery stores checked, the following five businesses sold liquor to minors:

  • Padanaram Wine and Liquor, 56 Padanaram Road
  • Tierda Ecuador, 72 Lake Avenue
  • Cave Wine and Spirits, 42 Lake Avenue Ext.
  • Stop and Shop, Salame Plaza, Lake Avenue
  • Danbury Food and Variety Store, 121 White Street

The businesses will later appear before the Liquor Control Commission to address the charges.

Dennis O'Malley