Report: Torrington woman planned Columbine copycat at Danbury High

DANBURY — A recently unsealed arrest warrant filed against a Torrington woman earlier this year details her plans to inflict a shooting akin to the Columbine High School massacre at Danbury High School, according to a report.

The report in The Register Citizen of Torrington details Nicole Carpenter’s fascination with the 1999 shooting and the plans the 18-year-old and her accomplice, Peter Thulin, 19, of Torrington, had in mind.

Her intentions arose out of an urge for revenge on a bully and Carpenter twice took steps to procure a firearm, first turned away by a gun shop in Torrington then later filling out paperwork to begin the process of buying a gun at Walmart, according to the report.

Among the details contained in the warrant were excerpts from Carpenter’s journal, which pointed to her preoccupation with the Columbine shooting.

“I can’t even think straight anymore, not that I’m used to that. But it’s worse this time because I can’t even stop thinking about Columbine and Eric and Dylan,” one excerpt quoted in the Register Citizen’s report read. “I mean, their [sic] my heroes, but how were they able to get the guns at such a young age.”

Carpenter and Thulin were each taken into custody in early March after police learned of their alleged plans.

According to the report, the warrant indicated that police became aware of the plot when patients at the Hope House, a psychiatric facility, reported it to staff members there.

Dennis O'Malley