All-night Grad Party celebrations a lasting gift

The all-night Grad Party is a tradition at several of our local high schools, and I’d like to say congratulations to the genius behind the notion, and the parents and businesses who make these events possible.

I guess the reason I’m a pretty big fan is a bit selfish this year; my youngest daughter, Joy, is graduating from New Milford High School on June 21. And I can sleep easy knowing that she will be having a grand ole’ time at the all-night Grad Party that so many parents have volunteered to make a safe night they will never forget, a last carefree night of fun with their classmates before they head off to work, college and the military. For my daughter, who in July is headed off to Tucson, Arizona to become a University of Arizona Wildcat, this will be a farewell adventure with peers she has shared a lot of memories, dating all the way back to preschool.

From what I remember from my eldest daughter’s Grad Party, this is an extravagant, no-holds barred night of sheer fantasy; the school is completely redecorated with a theme that is a carefully guarded secret until the students arrive. Security is a guarantee, with no student allowed to leave without a parents’ consent.

New Milford is one of several towns that offer this special event for the graduates. It is not an easy task to put together, but it is for so many a treasured time, something they reflect back on with great fondness. It also keeps these students off the roads and away from temptation. After all their hard work, the graduates deserve a celebration worthy of their achievements, and their parents have earned the right not to worry about their whereabouts.

It’s not to late to lend a hand, or make a donation, even if this is not your child’s year. This is one of those traditions I hope will be continued for generations to come.

Nanci Hutson