Danbury Hospital back to normal after morning threat hoax

UPDATE: Lt. Christian Carroccio of the Danbury Police Department clarified the reason for this morning’s lockdown at Danbury Hospital. He said that at approximately 8:45 a.m., a call was received at Newtown Center for Pediatrics from a male who mentioned the word “hospital” and said he was going to “shoot the place up.”

Because of the Center’s relationship to Danbury Hospital, a voluntary lockdown of the hospital was instituted just as a precaution, until Danbury police were able to determine that the facility was secure.

Since the call was made to the Newtown Center for Pediatrics, further investigation is now in the hands of the Newtown Police Department, according to Lt. Carroccio.


Reports of a lockdown this morning at Danbury Hospital because of police activity had something to them. But, as the spokesperson for the hospital clarified, it was a “restricted access” situation, and things are now back to normal.

“A phone threat was made to a community location this morning, ultimately determined to be a hoax by local Police. Out of an abundance of caution, our facility was under restricted access for a short period this morning. We are no longer under restricted access and currently operating normally.” Andrea Rynn, Director, Public & Government Relations

Calls to the police department and the mayor, who noted the lifting of the ‘lockdown’ online, have not yet been returned.

Carolyn Mueller